Henry is taking a medicine for a common cold. The table below shows the amount of medicine f(t), in mg, that was present in Henry's body after time t:

t (hours) 1 2 3 4 5
f(t) (mg) 282 265.08 249.18 234.22 220.17

Greg was administered 300 mg of the same medicine. The amount of medicine in his body f(t) after time t is shown by the equation below:

f(t) = 300(0.88)t

Which statement best describes the rate at which Henry's and Greg's bodies eliminated the medicine?
Henry's body eliminated the antibiotic faster than Greg's body.
Henry's body eliminated the antibiotic at the same rate as Greg's body.
Henry's body eliminated the antibiotic at half of the rate at which Greg's body eliminated the antibiotic.
Henry's body eliminated the antibiotic at one-fourth of the rate at which Greg's body eliminated the antibiotic.

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