95. Students could learn grammatical structures from a song because
A:it contains authentic language.
B:rhythm and melody make the structure memorable.
C: learning in this way is a pleasant change of pace.
D: all of the above.
answer: D

96. In a grammar lesson, a teacher used a song with this lyric: “None of us are free when one of us is chained.” What grammar point was she probably?
A:Use of the present perfect presenting
B: Pronoun and verb agreement
C: Use of modals
D: Transitive versus intransitive verbs
Answer B

97. A teacher wants to make sure his RCR lesson using song is progressive. He wants to add a fourth step, authentic use. Which activity do you suggest?
A:Students write and perform original verses using target language.
B:Students copy the lyrics in their notebooks.
C:Students complete fill-in-the-blank worksheet on target language.
D:Students demonstrate their favorite dances
Answer: C

98. Language activities which resemble games could be used in which section of a lesson plan?
A: Pre-test
B: Practice
C: Production
D: Any of the above
Answer: D. I think that it is preteach

99. If some students initially seem uncomfortable with game playing it is often helpful to
A:abandon the idea and return to lectures and worksheets
B:ask those students to leave the classroom
C:explain the learning objective of the game
D:tell them their grade depends on participation.

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  1. 95 - yes
    96 - I'm not sure since there's a grammar error in there!
    97 - What is RCR?
    98 - "preteach" is not among the choices
    99 - ??

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