Spnaish- Translation

I am trying to translate "It is still an everyday struggle to compete in this male dominated world, but there are many women who are defying adversity."

Is this accurate:
Es una problema para hoy a competir en este mundo de hombres, pero hay mujeres quien estan equivocados a adversidad.

Sorry, I am a first year HS Spanish honors student trying to make sense of it all. Thanks for your help.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is pretty advanced for Spanish first year!

Es todavía una lucha diaria competir en este mundo dominado por los varones pero hay muchas mujeres que desafian la adversidad.

To correct yours: un problema, delete "a" and make quien plural = quienes. "están" must have an accent but "equivocados" is masculine, when it needs to be feminine, and means "mistaken."

When you don't know a vocabulary word and don't have a dictionary, feel free to use a synonym or another expression that you already know (for example "un problema") but here's the "key" to using a dictionary.

1. write the English word you want to know in Spanish
2. look it up and write down ALL the possiblities in Spanish.
3. look up EACH possibility for the primary English meaning and you will find a lot of surprises!
4. select the best word, keeping the "context" or exactly how it is to be used, in mind.

¡buena suerte!


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asked by Anna
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  2. iCuán fácilmente se puede aprender!

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