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Professional organizations for teachers have a set of standards for establishing high-quality classroom environments. These standards indicate that the classroom environment should support:

A. children's honest expression and thinking, displays of children’s work, autonomy for infants and toddlers, and children’s feeling of ownership.
B. children’s feeling of ownership, autonomy for infants and toddlers, displays of children’s work, and varied experiences through learning centers.
C. assessment of children’s work, displays of children’s work, children’s feeling of ownership, and children’s honest expression and thinking.
D. displays of children’s work, teacher-directed activity centers, children’s feeling of ownership, and assessment of children’s work.

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  1. You still didn't answer my previous question! For which grade levels?

    "infants and toddlers" -- ??

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  2. My middle school social studies classrooms displayed very little student work. Instead, it displayed timelines, maps, and pictures pertaining to our geography and history.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. My high school classrooms didn't have student work, either. I used art prints from different eras, as well as having a small section for school and class announcements.

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