a ray of light strikes a flat, 2-cm thick block of glass(n=1.5) at an angle of 30 degrees with respect to the normal. find the angle of refraction at the top surface. find the angle of incidence at the bottom surface and the refracted angle. find the lateral distance by which the light beam is shifted. calculate the speed of the light in the glass and the time required for the light to pass through the glass block. is the travel time through the block affected by the angle of incidence? explain.

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  1. sin 30/sin T2 = 1.5/1
    sin T2 = .5/1.5 = .333...
    T2 = 19.5 degrees

    distance through glass at 0 degrees from normal is given = .02 meter

    distance throgh glass if NO refraction
    = .02 /cos 30 = .0231 meter

    actual distance through glass at 19.5 deg
    = .02 / cos 19.5 = .0212 meter

    if it hits bottom surface at 19.5 deg, it will exit into the air at 30 degrees

    It will however be moved sideways
    distance moved =d
    sin(30-19.5) = d / .0212
    d = .0212 sin 10.5 = .00386 meters = .386 cm

    speed in glass = c/1.5 = 3*10^8/1.5 = 2*10^8m/s

    time in glass = .0212 /2*10^8 = 1.06 *10^-10 seconds

    yes, of course, path length in glass depends on angle so time does as well.

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