17. Some people believe that feelings should be nurtured and cherished, while others argue that feelings should be curbed and kept under control. Indicate one poem that demonstrates the desire to restrain emotion and one poem that demonstrates the desire to cherish emotion. Give a brief reason for your choices.

So I can only choose from these poems:
Mother to Son by Langston Hughes
Miss Rosie by Lucille Clifton
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
George Gray by Edgar Lee Masters.

I am unsure of how to figure out which poems cherish emotion and which restrain emotion. I was thinking that the poem George Gray restrains emotions since it talks about a guy who shut everything out.

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asked by Nikki
  1. I agree with you about "George Gray."

    If you're going to choose among the other three for the "cherish emotion" example, make sure you read all of them -- OUT LOUD to someone! -- and then decide.

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    posted by Writeacher
  2. Also pay attention to what emotions are described in each poem. In "Mother to Son", are ANY emotions mentioned or implied? Are they in a positive or negative way? Are any human feelings expressed?

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    posted by Reed

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