Including yourself, you have an 11-man squad prepared to build fortifications for the next six hours. It is 98-degrees in the shade. You have directed each soldier to drink one quart of water per hour duing this period. Each individual has two 1-quart canteens full of water. How many five-gallon cans will it take to provide the rest of the required drinking water?

11 times 6= 66
98 degrees is extra info.
1 quart of water times 66= 66 quarts and go from there

You also need to be careful about what the "rest" means. It is unclear to me. Is that after the initial quart for each member?

Don't forget to convert your five-gallon cans to quarts, so you will be using the same units throughout the problem.

I hope this helps a little more. Thnaks for asking.

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