I have this question from an old exam for review. I tried the question but can't get the right answers.

An electron in an electronically excited hydrogen atom undergoes a transition from a 6d to a 2p orbital, resulting in the emission of a photon. The photon strikes a metal surface where it is absorbed,causing an electron to be ejected having a kinetic energy of 1.32×10-19J.

(a) What is the energy (in J) of the photon emitted by the hydrogen atom?

(b)What is the wavelength (in nm) of the photon emitted by the hydrogen atom?

(c) What is the minimum energy needed to remove an electron from the metal surface?

(d) The wavelength (in nm) of the ejected electron?

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asked by Kara
  1. See your other post below. You gave up too soon.

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