Algebra 2

The average daily minimum temperature for Pablo’s hometown can be modeled by the function f(x)=15.3sin(πx6)+44.1 , where f(x) is the temperature in °F and x is the month.

x = 0 corresponds to January.

What is the average daily minimum temperature in June?

Round to the nearest tenth of a degree if needed.

Use 3.14 for π .

really stuck could someone help out??

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  1. since the period of your sine curve should be 12
    2π/k = 12
    k = 6/π
    your equation probably should have been:
    f(x)=15.3sin(πx/6)+44.1 instead of what you typed.

    since Jan ----> x = 0
    June ----> x = 5

    so just sub in x = 5 and evaluate

    Let me know what you got.

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  2. i did but im still stuck

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  3. stuck how? Just replace x with 5 and evaluate!
    too bad you could not be bothered to show us what you did.

    f(x) = 15.3sin(πx/6)+44.1
    f(5) = 15.3sin(5π/6)+44.1
    = 15.3(1/2)+44.1

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  4. Okay so I worked on the same problem and I got this answer, rounded to the nearest tenth like the problem says; 10.9

    Here's my work:

    15.3 sin (3.14(5)/6)+44.1
    15.3 sin (15.7/6)+44.1
    15.3 sin(2.616666667)+44.1
    I5.3 sin(46.71666667)
    I got=10.91958335

    Unfortunately, I can't put in screenshots here :|
    Hopefully my answer is correct!

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