Algebraic proof.

can someone help and explain these to me?

AngleWXZ and Angle ZXY is complementary
the measure of AngleWXY=3x+3

a.)measure of angle=______ =measure of angle WXZ+the measure of AngleZXY(Angle Addition Postulate)

b.) measure of AngleWXZ+ the measure of AngleZXY=_______(Def. of Complementary Angles)

c.)the measure of AngleWXY=______ (Transitive Prop. of Equality)

d.) ____ = 90 (Substitution)

e.) 3x = ____ (Subtraction Prop. of Equality)

f.) x = ____ (Division Prop. of Equality)

I will be happy to critique your thinking. The hints really are leading you by the nose on this.

you will have to give a description of your geometrical model or diagram.

The way it stands, it is hard to answer.

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