Data Management Systems

A stationary business is interested in starting a Web site for their Stationary shop, so their existing customers can submit stationary and custom orders online. They want this Web site to help them reach new customers. What type of database management system, if any, should the Stationary shop use to organize and manage their data and information for business purposes?

For more information on DBMS, take a look here:

I don't know how much information you need. There's a lot in there, but still a lot more out there.

On a very basic level, to set up a shopping cart, you would need a database that handles the inventory. This can either be tied into the main inventory of the entire store or a separate one. Your customers may decide to not keep count of inventory on the web site and just let people order, while informing them of back orders. That's primarily a cost issue and the business would have to weigh the pros and cons of that.

Depending on the sensitivity of information given in ordering, you may need a lot of security features in both the software and the programming. You don't want people easily hacking in and getting credit card information.

You want some way to keep the customers coming back. So problem solve issues there. Think about how amazon,, etc. handle these issues.

Getting new customers might involve tracking advertisements placed on other web sites. (just one idea...think of others) You would need some database system to see which ads are effective.

Just thoughts off the top of my head.


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asked by Maria

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