A farmer with 1200 acre is considering planting 3 different crops corn, soybeans, and oats. The farmer wants to use all 1200 acres. seed corn costs $20 per acre, while soybeans and oats costs $50 and $12 respectively. The farmer has the $40000 available to buy seed and intends to spend it all. 1.Use the information above to formulate two linear equations with 3 unknowns and solve it. 2. write two reasonable solutions. 3.suppose in the fall when the crops mature, the farmer can bring in revenue of $100 per acre for corn, $300 per acre for soybean and $80 per acre for oats which of the two solutions given above would have resulted in a larger revenue.

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  1. Let the acreage be
    x: corn
    y: soy
    z: oats

    x+y+z = 1200
    20x+50y+12z = 40000

    with your solutions, then evaluate

    revenue = 100x+300y+80z

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  2. oof

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  3. Dealing with the same problem rn and I'm having trouble solving it

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  4. If the crops mature, does the farmer still have 40000 available to spend for seeds?

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