Math help Ms,Sue Please!!!

17. When buying a new car, you have a choice of 4 different
models, 3 different
colors, and 2 different
sizes.How many choices are there for one car?

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  1. The answer is 24 . Simply multiply the magnitude of the choices I.e. 4*3*2 = 24 .
    Or have u ever made a family tree try making this thing that way and count the branches . The no. Of branches drawn will be your answer .

  2. Might I add that expecting tutors to be here all day and all night is not realistic. Ms. Sue is here for up to 12 hours a day, but is a human. At 12:43 AM EDT, I suspect she has retired for the night. All tutors here are volunteers, real people. :) We have lives separate from Jiskha, even eating and sleeping. LOL I live in the Pacific time zone, so am often the last tutor for the day. Those in the Eastern time zone will return in the morning.

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