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France and Britain were able to avoid the worst of the Great Depression because
A) their colonies were required to purchase goods from them.****

B) neither had any significant involvement in international trade.

C) the Great Depression affected only the United States, not Europe.

D) both were highly industrialized and immune from economic problems.

In this type of economic system, the production of goods and services is controlled solely by the concept of supply and demand, businesses are operated for profit, and the government is not involved.
A) command

B) communism

C) market ***

D) mixed

Since the 1980s, Australia has increased its role in international trade significantly. Which of these actions would have helped to achieve this result?
A) raising domestic taxes

B) reducing barriers to trade ***

C) focusing only on importing

Why did the United States and Australia enter into a Free Trade Agreement in 2004?

A) to allow citizens to travel without passports

B) to eliminate trade tariffs and other barriers ***

C) to create more trade barriers between other nations

D) to help each nation to enter into treaty agreements

D) becoming politically liberal

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  1. I agree with your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. The first question is A.
    The second question is C.
    The third question is B.
    The fourth question is B.

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