algebra help please

A bus leaves a station at 1p.m. traveling west at an average rate of 44 mi/ hour later a second bus leaves the same station traveling east at a rate of 48mi/h. At what time will the two buses be 274 miles apart

I know that I am suppose to use

1st bus
2nd bus

distance is 274
so the equation for the first bus should be
second bus

first bus

second bus
I believe i have missed something or messed up please explain to me what i am doing wrong please

Were is the 1 coming from?

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  1. v=speed x=time
    The v1 for first bus is 44mi/h, v2 for second bus is 48mi/h.
    We want to find the time it takes for the distance between those two buses reached 274mi.
    The second bus departs after the first bus traveled for one hour. So the distance between them is 44mi.
    Thus, 44+44x+48x=274mi ; 44+92x=274mi ; 92x=230mi ----> x=2.5 hours.
    Answer will be 3:30 pm.

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