1. Uncle boght a bike for me.

(Can we use'uncle' without 'a article'?)

2. A: You look sick. Why do you look sick?
B: I have a head ache.

(In this short dialogue, is the expression,"Why do you look sick?" suitable here? What other expressions can we use?)

3. It was so beautiful.
The weather was so beautiful.
It was very beautiful.
It was too beautiful.

(Are they all correct? Can we use 'so, too, very', interchnangiblly?)

4. She usually goes to bed at ten, _____ she goes to bed around eleven on Saturdays.

(Which conjunction can we use in the blank, and, or not? Are both OK?)

asked by John
  1. 1. My uncle bought a bike for me.
    (You wouldn't use "a" with "uncle," but you need to either name him or put a possessive pronoun or some other modifier with it. If you name him, you'd write, "Uncle Robert bought me a bike.")

    2. You could say, "You look sick. What's the matter?" or "You look sick. What's wrong?"

    And "headache" is written as one word.

    3. They are all correct, but whenever you use "so" there needs to be some clause starting with "that" following it. "It is so beautiful that I want to spend the whole afternoon outside." (Or something like that.)

    4. I would use "but" as the conjunction in that sentence. You are setting up a contrast, so the conjunctions you listed wouldn't work.

    posted by Writeacher

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