In what major way did conflict in the Middle East affect the economy in the United States?
A. Conflict in the Middle East caused a sharp drop in energy prices in the United States.
B. Conflict in the Middle East disrupted U.S. exports to that region, an important part of the economy.
C. Conflict in the Middle East disrupted energy markets, causing high oil and gas prices in the United States.
D. Conflict in the Middle East disrupted oil exports from the region, leading to a boom in U.S. oil production.

Can someone help me with the answers?

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  1. If you're asking about in the late 70s and again around 2008 -- then here's your answer.

  2. The full answers are
    Trust me 100% I just took the assessment

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  3. thank you Here is Here 100%!!!!!!

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  13. Grammarly put the "parent's" it's supposed to be "parents".

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  14. Thx for the answers.

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