1. Read the following lines from "Thoughts of Hanoi."
How is all that now?
Or is it obsolete?
Are you like me,
Reliving the past,
Imagining the future?
Do you count me as a friend or am I the enemy in your eyes?
Brother, I am afraid
That one day I'll be with the March North army
Meeting you on your way to the south
I might be the one to shoot you then
Or you me
But please
Not with hatred

Which of the following would MOST LIKELY be the speaker of this poem?
A. The child of a soldier who is a member of the army in the north.
B. The friend of a soldier who is a member of the army in the north.*****
C. The brother of a man who has fled the army.
D. A Vietnamese man who fled Hanoi and joined the Army in the south

2. Identify the choice that correctly completes the sentence:

Neither Kurt nor Sue has turned in _____ permission form.
A. their
B. his or her*****
C. his
D. they're

I think #1 is B and #2 is B
Can someone check my work.

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  1. I agree with both of your answers.

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  2. the right answers are:
    a Vietnamese man who fled Hanoi and joined the army in the South
    his or her
    go to quizlet.com/410276643/honors-english-10-b-final-exam-flash-cards/?new

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  3. @randomperson are you sure its Vietnamese man who fled Hanoi and joined the army in the south

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