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A bag contains tiles with the letters A-R-I-T-H-M-E-T-I-C. Amelia chooses a tile without looking and doesn’t replace it. She chooses a second tile without looking. What is the probability that she will choose the letter I both times?


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  1. I believe you are correct. The first time she chooses, her chances are 2/10 that she will get an I tile. With not replacing the tile, her second chance will be 1/9. Multiply the two fractions together gives 2/90 = 1/45

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  2. Does anybody have the answers to that test?

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  3. All the answers are

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  4. is right, right?

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  5. is he I need help

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  6. mrs sue is he

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  7. Yes he's right

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  8. Right isn't right. Everybody has different answers and questions to the test.

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  9. The person account named Right, is mostly wrong. Here are the real Answers, and the ones with astricks next to them are the ones that right got wrong:
    2: C*
    3: B*
    4: D*
    5: A*
    6: C
    9: D
    12: D
    13: A*!-- I chose C and got it wrong.
    14: C
    16: A*!-- I chose C and got it wrong.
    17: B
    19: B
    20: A*!-- I chose B and got it wrong.
    As you can see, right, got 50% wrong, or 10/20 on his test, I got 85%, or 17/20 correct on my test. I got 3/20 wrong. I hope you guys do better then I did. Your Welcome!!

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  10. Guys give up on giving out the answers the school knows some kids cheat so they must have made it so each answers are different for each kids.

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