Texas History

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1.What was a big difference between the Texas constitution of 1836 and the Texas Constitution of 1845?
A.The constitution of 1845 did not have a separation of powers like that of the constitution of 1836.
B.The constitution of 1836 was more in depth than the Constitution of 1845
C.The constitution of 1845 was the constitution of an independent republic, the constitution of 1836 was the constitution of a state.
D.The constitution of 1836 was the constitution of an independent republic, the constitution of 1845 was the constitution of a state.******

2.After analyzing the similarities and differences of the U.S. constitution and the Texas constitution of 1845, what conclusion can be made?
A.Both constitutions were more different than alike in their goals
B.Both constitutions were more alike than different in their goals*****
C.Both constitutions were limited in their governing power.
D.Both constitutions were broad in how they addressed government powers.

3.Why does the current constitution of texas divide power in the executive branch?
A. This guarantees; that no individual or agency has more power than another.*****
B.A divided executive branch means that decisions are made more swiftly
c. The governor is only a figurehead and holds no power.
D.Texas has a long history of a strong central government.

4.How is a flag burning justified as a form of free speech?
A.freedom of speech allows people to destroy what they do not agree with as long as others are not hurt.
B.Freedom of speech allows people to express opinions that do not offend others.
C.Freedom of speech means people are free to express their beliefs, even in nonverbal ways.*****
D.Freedom of speech protects any action or expression that is not political.

5.Why is it important for citizens to take an active role in Texas government? Select 2.
A.It gives citizens' responsibility to shape the direction of government.*****
B.it gives citizens a chance to have a voice in the way society is governed*****
C.If citizens aren't actively participating in voting, they may be sent to jail.
D.Citizens receive money for voting and other civic participation.

6.Which two groups split the Texas democrats through the 1950s and 60s?
A.Republicans and conservatives
B.Liberals and independents
C.Republicans and liberals
D.Liberals and conservatives******

7.By the 1990s, how was the representation of the Texas Democrats and the Texas Republicans different?
A. Democrats represented liberal causes, and republicans represented more conservative ideas.
B. Republicans represented liberal causes and democrats represented conservative ideas.
C.republicans represented the causes of the people, whereas the democrats did not.
D.Democrats represented the causes of the people, whereas the republicans did not.****

8. What types of issues do public interest groups advocate for that private interest groups do not? Select 2.
A.free college tuition
B. Clean rivers and streams
C.fair labor standards*****
D. healthcare for the needy*****

9.Why was the creation of the Texas Ethics commission important to interest groups in Texas? Select 2.
A.It gave them extra money and a greater voice in the government.*****
B.It maintained legal standards for lobbyists.*****
C. It investigated complaints.
D. It allowed them to promote violence and sabotage.

10. Which Texas leader became Speaker of the House?
A. Babara Jordan
B. Phil Gramm
C. Raymond Telles
D. Sam Rayburn*****

11.What distinguishes James Baker III's career from other Texas leaders?
A.he served as the governor of Texas
B.He was never elected to a public office
C.He was the only U.S. senator
D.He was the only one that didn't run for president.

12.What is the function of a county government in texas?
A. provides administration to city neighborhoods.
B. provides education to children in the area*****
C. provides local administration for the state
D. provides some federal services such as immigration control

13. What is the difference between the strong-mayor and weak-mayor forms of city government?
A. In a weak-mayor government, citizens make all the major decisions but don't have a voice in a strong mayor system.
B. In a strong-mayor government, power is given to an executive, and in a weak-mayor government, the city council has more power.*****
C.Strong mayor governments are run by a city council, and weak mayor government is run by the people
D. Weak mayor governments are run by one elected official, and strong mayor governments are run by citizens

15. Compare and contrast the U.S. Constitution with the current Texas constitution.

16.What types of actions can a Texan take to show civic virtue?

17. Describe the leadership qualities and accomplishes of Texan politicians who were served as presidents of the U.S.?

18. What was the Tidelands Controversy, and how did it represent a major change in politics in the 1950s?

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  1. I think you better choose another answer on 7, although I do agree in Texas your answer is usually correct, your school will want another answer.

    I stopped checking at 10)

    posted by bobpursley
  2. Carmen -- potential cheater.

    If anyone posts all the answers to this test, both Carmen and the answerer will be banned for cheating.

    posted by Writeacher
  3. This entire site is used for just cheating. Just sayin'. If ya really want to stop the cheating that's going on, I would advise CLOSING THE FLIPPING SITE DOWN. Cheating won't be rid from this site until the site is gone, dude.

    posted by Gregbot45
  4. And we'll probably just go to some other site for cheating, so you solve nothing.

    posted by Gregbot45
  5. If you are from Connexus there should be a study guide that goes along with this quiz. Its an easy 100%.

    posted by person
  6. Bob, your answer is so biased and inappropriate for a supposed tutorial setting I am not even sure where to begin.
    #1 WHY would that answer usually be correct "in Texas"?
    #2 That answer is wrong nationwide.

    posted by person2
  7. anyone have the answers

    posted by hi
  8. You do. Use the study guide!!

    posted by person2
  9. Did y’all do the test wats the answers

    posted by I’m going to fail

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