A-Polygamy should be legalized.
B-The voting age should be lowered to sixteen.
C-The prison system should give greater emphasis to the punishment of in mates than to their rehabilitation.
D-Doctors and clinics should be required to notify parents of minors when they prescribe birth control devices for the minors.
E-A man’s self esteem is severely injured if his wife makes more money than he makes.
F-Women like being dependent on men.

Matt, do you have a question about any of the above statements?

i am asking General Quesetion?
about what you think about that for example yes polygamy should be legalized because this and this

Matt, we do not do your homework for you. I am sure your teacher wants YOUR opinion...however I find no reason not to lower the voting age to 16. The sooner that young people develop an interest in our government and how it works in their lives, the sooner they will be come responsible citizens.

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