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Of 162 students honored at an academic awards banquet, 48 won awards for mathematics and 78 won awards for English. There are 14 students who won awards for both mathematics and English. A newspaper chooses a student at random for an interview. What is the probability that the student interviewed won an award for English or mathematics?
Needing an explained version or could you plz make this question a little simplier...plz?

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  1. To solve this problem you need to do as shown below.

    P(A or B) = P(A) + P(B) → _Write disjoint probability formula._
    = P(A)/(Total#) + P(B)/(Total#)
    = 48/162 + 78/162 → _Add._
    = 112/162 → _Simplify if possible._
    = 0.6914 → _Use a Calculator._

    So as you can see ↓
    the answer is 112/162 or 0.619

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  2. Thank You So Much!!

    posted by TTUHelp
  3. Answering yourself! How weird is that??!!

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