List all of the things that are physical property.

You will find some listed here.

There are very many others, but they would require a lot of effort to explain what they mean.

Isn't every property a physical property, because nature is described by the laws of physics?

Even if you name a property that most people regard of being subjective, like being in love, it is still a physical state your body can be in.

In the context of science, physical properties can be measured quantitatively. "Smell" is more complex, and depends upon the olfactory mechanisms of whatever is detecting the smell. Physical properties are distinguished from chemical properties, which have to do with stability and reactivity with other compounds. "Being in love", an example cited by the another responder, is not a physical property of matter, but a complex stat in the brain that is probably traceable to the presence and location of certain chemicals and the status of neural connections. Chemistry can indeed be cnsidered a specal branch of physics, which can explain all chemical bonds and reactivities by means of quantum mechanics.

And all these years I thought physics was a special branch of chemistry. Live and learn. (The devil made me do it, drwls) =)

I am reminded of a old story:

In biology, a student asked the teacher why something functioned they way it did, and the teacher replied you will understand it when you get to chemistry.

In chemistry, the same student asked why something reacted the way it did, and the teacher replied you will understand it in the laws of physics.

In physics, the student, after several years of study, finally figured it out: The laws of physics are made up to fit what is observed.


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asked by Lisa

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