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Debating the ethics of doing business in countries with totalitarian governments.

Debating the ethics of doing business in countries with totalitarian governments.

Obviously, most citizens of the United States would agree that totalitarian governments are something of the past, an antiquated way of dealing with a population that should no longer exist.

That being said...

I believe it is beneficial to the destruction of what remains of totalitarian governments and to the people of such unfortunate conditions to do international business in these countries. Globalization is something that exposes the entire world to the entire world, and as totalitarian governments attempt to suppress and keep in the dark their populations, globalization is the force that brings the light of destruction to such closed-minded government systems, and the light of the world to the population within.

I believe it is entirely ethical to do business in countries with totalitarian governments. Doing business in these countries exposes the people of these countries to the ideas of freedom and liberty, different and better ways of life, other cultural ideas, and the truth about what is going on in the world around them, despite their government's archaic and barbaric attempts to make these people believe only what they want them to believe; see only what they want them to see.

If a totalitarian government resists globalization, or tries to limit it, it also resists and limits the economical benefits that come with globalization and international business, and therefore, for each unit of resistance given, subjects itself to a unit of economic hardship. Therefore international business is almost (if not just as effective) in some respects as outright war itself on these dictatorial governments and their suppression of their people. Doing business in countries with totalitarian governments benefits the people of these countries by exposure to the world.

It can be argued that doing business in such countries may subject these people to unsafe working conditions or allow exports into our own country that are unsafe or of poor quality. This is something the business itself must remain vigilant of. As long as no substandard labor is allowed, and no dangerous products allowed for import to our country, I believe doing business in countries with such governments is more than perfectly fine.

Is the the totalitarian government, or the nature of how citizens are treated that is the problem with our ethics? Is it possible for a totalitarian government to treat it citizens with respect, basic human rights, and with fundamental civil rights: rights of property, justice, equality, and liberty? Remember, South Africa was a case of a democratic government (whites voted) which caused a major ethical conflict for many businesses: Only when economic sanctions applied by international corporations were applied (ie no trade) did the country change (for the better).
I would suggest it is not the totalitarism that is the problem with ethics, but the conditions of its citizens that cause ethical conflict.

Interesting piece. Where did you get it?

This is mine... it has been plagarized.

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