Math, Algebra, Graphing Systems of Linear Equation

I'm confused about graphing or solving the linear equations for slope/intercept.

Here is what I solved:
3x+2y=-6 X-4y=-16

2y= -3x-6 -4y=1x-16

Y=-3/2+3 Y=+1/4+4
My answer for graphing the systems for the lines to intersect...well, they didn't intersect. But the answer is (4,-1)

Can someone explain my problem? And help explain how to solve it?

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  1. try playing around here, where I have plotted the first pair...,+x-4y%3D-16

    since your lines have different slopes, the have to intersect. You must have plotted them wrong.

    3x+2y = -6
    x-4y = -16

    2y = -3x-6
    -4y = -x-16

    You went wrong here. Why did you just drop the x stuff?
    Y= -3/2 x - 3
    y = 1/4 x + 4

    Now equate the two expressions for y:

    -3/2 x - 3 = 1/4 x + 4
    -7/4 x = 7
    x = -4
    so, y=3

    If the answer is (4,-1) you have some typos in the original equations.

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