What is the purpose of revising and editing an academic paper.

2. what are the advantages for both the reviewer and writer of peer reviews?
How would encourage a reluctant peer reviewer.

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I couldn't bring up SraJMcGin's other response, so I searched Google under the key words "peer review high school" to get these possible sources:

Unfortunately most of the articles are on higher level scientific review processes and there is a periodical called Peer Review.

Although both the reviewer and reviewee may be afraid of making mistakes, this is part of the learning process and part of growth. See this site:

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

The purpose of peer review is to give both students an opportunity to gain insight in writing style and syntax without formal instruction. Sometimes it is beneficial to read an essay written on the same topic from a different perspective. It also can help to see how other people express similar ideas.

As you edit your classmate's paper, you are giving suggestions within the other student's learning level and when you receive your paper back, you get feedback as to how readable your paper is and error that stand out.

For the reluctant peer reviewer I'd encourage you to gleen from every paper you read. You will find different perspectives, vocabulary, and organizational tools that you can use in future papers. Everything you read becomes a part of you. What you do with it is up to you. Enjoy the process.

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To see what sytle of writing you're doing . And is the messager is stated clear for the reader. This give them a chance make in the paper that is need it. They have the rights rather or do they want to publish it.

how would you encourage a reluctant peer reviewer?

How would you encourage a reluctant peer reviewer

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