American Government

A state judge decides that, because a couple lived together for many years, they must split their assets equally between them now that they have ended their relationship, despite not being legally married. He bases his decision upon other court cases in the same state. which type of law is the judge applying to this case?

a. criminal law
b. common law***
c. grand jury law
d. equity law

2. Which of the following are types of crimes defined under criminal law? Select all that apply. (2 answers)

a. civil
b. common
c. felony***
d. misdemeander***
e. tort

3. A woman is asked to serve on a jury. Instead of hearing two sides of a case, she only hears from prosecutors, who ask the jury to decide whether they think someone is probably guilty. The state will only arrest the person and hold a formal trial if the jury feels it would result in a conviction. On which kind of jury is the woman serving?

a. a grand jury***
b. a petit jury
c. a bench jury
d. a common jury

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  1. I agree with your answers -- although I'm not sure about 2.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. All of these are correct

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  3. 100% :)

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  4. 1-B

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