Everyone knows that water is important. Who doesn’t like to drink a cool glass of water after a long day? But some people don’t seem to worry about polluting the local water supply. They should! I like water, and so should everyone else.

What change would most improve this introductory paragraph?

providing additional examples of the importance of water
emphasizing further the foolishness of not caring about water
providing summary evidence of the bad impacts of water pollution
emphasizing that water pollution is as bad as air pollution

I'm thinking either the first one or the third one (first one?) Please help? Thanks

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  1. Well, let's see. First of all, I don't see a thesis statement at the end of that paragraph, and that last sentence seems very much out of place!

    1. You don't want more examples in the intro paragraph. That's what the body of the paper is for -- examples and explanation.

    2. This might work as long as it doesn't become an error like #1 and #3.

    3. Same as #1 above. Those details are for the body of the paper.

    4. This introduces a whole new topic ... so, no.

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  2. Okay, #3 was my original guess, thank you!:)

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  3. You're welcome.

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  4. It's C. :)
    HONORS ENGLISH 10 B UNIT 4, L4. ;)

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  5. Unknown, i love you

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