Math Double Check Me Please

1.what is the slant height for the given pyramid to the nearest whole unit.

pyramid base= 12 cm
height=8 cm
A.5 cm
B.9 cm *****
C.14 cm
D.10 cm

What is the length of the diagonal for the given rectangular prism to the nearest whole unit?
the unit is the length=6, width=5, height=9

A. 8 cm *****
B.10 cm
C.11 cm
D.12 cm

IM pretty confident that these are correct like 99.9% sure im correct but there is still that .1% im not so please tell me if im wrong thanks :)

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  1. Ok, both of your answers are wrong...

    1. Nope, please check again. This is the formula I used:
    Slant Height = √(h2 + (b / 2)2)
    Plug in the values
    √(10^2 + (8 / 2)2)
    = 10.77 cm

    2. Wrong, this is the formula I used: √d=l^2 + w^2 + h^2
    l = length
    w = width
    h = height
    The answer is ≈ 11.92

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  2. #1
    I get
    s^2 = 6^2 + 8^2 = 100
    s = 10

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  3. Reiny, do you have a typo? In your calculation of "s^2 = 6^2 + 8^2" you get 100, but how come "s" now equals 10?

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  4. Betta -- what is the square root of 100?

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    Ms. Sue
  5. The square root of 100 is 10, oh, so "Reiny" probably meant that, but she didn't include the square root sign in her solving, so yeah...but, that's not the formula to get slant height, or, am I wrong?

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  6. Reiny, a long-time math teacher, was using the Pythagorean Theorem. He didn't need to use the square root sign.

    Please only answer those questions for which you have expertise.

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    Ms. Sue
  7. Ok, so if "Reiny" is a Math teacher, that surely knows more than me, why hasn't he answered the second question?

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  8. Betta Fish, your were right in #2, so there was no need to say anything about it.

    I only corrected your mistake in #1

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  9. Oooo, thanks for correcting me!

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  10. 11

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  11. Well Done!
    This Question will soon be locked.

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