1. My hobby is chatting in a chat room.
2. My hobby is chatting in chat rooms.
Which one is the better of the two? Do we have to use a singuglar form or a plural form?

3. My favorite food is noodle.
4. My favorite food is noodles.
5. My favorite food is a noodle.
(Which one is grammatical?)

asked by rfvv
  1. If you're referring to a hobby, then you're talking about something that happens over a period of time. If you are only in ONE chatroom, never any others, then #1 works. If you are in various chatrooms over time, then #2 works.

    Discard 3 and 5. We refer to the food as "noodles" since one noodle is a very small piece!

    posted by Writeacher

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