Social studies

1. What event would most likely cause an increase in sales

A. Decrease in price
B. Increase in supply
C. Decrease in product quality
D. Increase in quality product

Answer: A

2. What is stated by the law of supply

A. An increase in price will cause a reduced amount of sales
B. An increase in quality sold Will allow a decrease in price
C. An increase in quality product will decrees consumer demand
D. An increase in price will inspire and increase in units supplied

Answer: c

3. Which factors affect the price of a smart phone app select all that apply

A. Price of similar apps
B. Price of compatible phones
C. Price of offline activities
D. Time scarcity among customers
E. Opportunity cost of customers

Answer: a,b

Am I correct help!??

  1. 1. I agree.

    2. I disagree. (Does the law of supply and demand have to do with quantity? or quality?)

    3. I agree with you about A, but I don't know about the others. You probably need to go back into your text to find out.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. The answers are
    A B

    posted by Anonymous
  3. Anonymous is 100% correct!! 4/4!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

    posted by Reeses
  4. The answers are correct...Hmm...A Dab...interesting...

    posted by Iko Matzou
  5. Dab is cancer

    posted by random
  6. a
    a and b

    posted by anime101
  7. Dabbing is gay

    posted by CountryBoy
  8. no u

    posted by CityBoy
  9. You're both trash

    posted by NormalBoy
  10. 1.a
    3.a and b

    posted by Pansexual forlife
  11. A
    A &B

    posted by ~ify
  12. a
    a b

    posted by Cece Shimdt
  13. A
    A &B

    posted by Emo Aunt

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