Mental Health Diagnosis and assessment

Hello I am not sure about my answers. Can someone help me?

Jose is a Latino client who presents with occupational difficulties. He was laid off from a construction job 8 months ago and has been unable to find work. Ever since he lost his job, he has been drinking alcohol heavily throughout the day. He also reports “occasional” marijuana use. Jose recently was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and has to appear in court next month. His wife is angry with him because she depends on him to pick up their 3 children from school, and now he may lose his driver’s license. Jose has always been a hard worker, but he admits that there were times that he often drank alcohol while working on construction jobs to eliminate his stress. He reports having intermittent episodes of anxiety since adolescence.
Based on the information provided, Jose’s principal diagnosis would likely be:
A. Alcohol use disorder
B. Cannabis use disorder
C. Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood
D. Major depressive anxiety disorder
At first I had selected (A) because alcohol was being used heavily that lead to him getting arrested and also mentioned that he often drank alcohol while working on construction jobs to eliminate his stress; however, he was laid off and began drinking heavily so I want to select (C).

Lee presents in counseling with relationship difficulties. He is often mistrustful of others and withdraws when he feels anxious. Lee seems rather eccentric, and you suspect that he might have a diagnosis of schizotypal personality disorder. However, you do not feel that you have enough information. Based on the Alternative DSM-5 Model for Personality Disorders, which diagnosis could be given?
D. None of the above
E. All of the above
I select C. but am not to sure

Which of the following is a challenge when treating individuals with alcohol-related disorders?
A. Individuals with alcohol-related disorders always experience a high degree of discrimination.
B. There are no treatment approaches that have been proven to be successful in treating alcohol-related disorders.
C. Many people with alcohol-related disorders also have personality disorders, which cannot be treated.
D. Many people with alcohol-related disorders leave treatment before therapy is completed.

I selected (D)

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  1. first: He is a drunk. He will find any reason to drink, and wont stop until his family, work, and freedom (Jail) comes to a abrubt stop in his life.

    second: PD-Trait Specific

    Third: D is correct. And, after leaving therapy, they come back to drinking.

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