9th Grade Math


I finished my math homework, and im not so sure i did it correct, so can someone do this question and i will look at the answer to see if my work was correct

this is State and Justification

Given : m<4 = 130degrees, m<1 = x+10 , and m<2 = x

Prove : m<1 = 70degrees

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  1. You didn't say in what setup your three angles are found.
    Are the the interior angles of a triangle ??
    if so, then you are not correct.
    then x + x+10 + 130 = 180
    2x + 140 = 180
    2x = 40
    x = 20

    that would make angle1 = 30º

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  2. yes

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  3. polymonmial

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