Social Studies

Even Though they were allowed to serve as soldiers what types of discrimination did african american americans face in the Union army? (Select all that apply)

A)They were not allowed to serve as officers

B) They were not eligible to win high awards,such as the Congressional Medal of honor

C)They were not paid the same as white soilders

D)They were not allowed to serve in units with white soilders

Which of the following best describes the conditions faced by soldiers during the Civil War?

A) Improved military technology meant that most soldiers died instantly of battefield wounds

B) Poor conditions were made worse in that most soldiers were young men under the age 21

C) Food was bad and scarce, but plentiful Southern cotton was used to make clothes and shelter appropriate to the seasons

D) Prisoner of War on both sides were generally treated and releases soon after a battle

Which of the following was an effect of Lincolns issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation?

A) Morale the South dropped as people realized they were about to lossed the war

B)Slaves in the border states were freed in January 1863

C) Abolitionists in the North were upset that the Proclamation did not do enough

D) It won the sympathy of Europeans, making it less likey for them to support the confederacy


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  1. None of your answers is right.

  2. 1.C&D

    Any resources I can use

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  3. 1.C&D - yes but I think there may be at least one more.
    2.C - no
    3.C - no

    I've checked two of your guesses. You're on your own now. Please do not post these questions again.

  4. 1(acd

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  5. Wow Ms. Sue we come on here for help, there is no reason to be rude....these answers are correct btw

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  6. you are correct thx Ms. sue I got a 100

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  7. Answers for Social Studies Unit 7: Lesson 5 for Connections Academy students are


    Thank me later, and have a good day. ;D

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  8. Oops, sorry I meant:

    USE THIS ONE! (i mistyped the last one sorry)

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  9. We are a group of people that used anon™ answers and we got a 100% and we are from connexus. The answers are

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  10. the unknown is correct


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  11. Yes, @The Unknown is correct! :D
    1. A&D
    2. B
    3. A
    4. D

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  12. Thanks I got a 100%

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  13. thank you castiel and the unknown 100%

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  14. @The Unknown is correct!

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  15. Last time I checked Ms.Sue, there was only answers for number one.

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  16. 2 answers for number one...
    My bad

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  17. the unknown is correct 100%

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  18. So like... are we just gonna ignore question 5?

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  19. question 5 is c

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  20. Number 1 is not CD or ad it is A &D
    2) B
    4) D
    5) C

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  21. Lol. Did anyone else notice that on the answers for 2-4 is spells BAD.


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  22. funny the answers say ad bad.
    ads are bad everyone!

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  23. still correct @The Unknown

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