Two currents from different sources flow in opposite directions through a resistor. I1 is
measured as 79 mA on a 100 mA analog instrument with an accuracy of ±3% of full scale.
I2, determined as 31 mA, is measured on a digital instrument with a ±100 µA accuracy.
Calculate the maximum and minimum levels of the current in Rl

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  1. Imax = I1max - I2min.
    Imax = (79+0.03*100) - (31-0.1) = 82 - 30.9 = 51.1 mA.

    Imin = I1min - I2max.
    Imin = (79-0.03*100) - (31+0.1) = 76 - 31.1 = 44.9 mA.

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