Math, slope

The cost of a taxi ride is $5.00 plus $0.75 for every 0.5 km.
Graph this relation
Identify the slope and the vertical intercept of the line. What do the represent?
Write an equation relating the cost and the distance traveled.

I'm not sure how I was supposed to graph this, because normally I make a table of values but I don't know how to make one for this question. Please help, thank you!

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asked by Kai
  1. C = 5 + 0.75/0.5KM.
    C = 5 + 1.50/km
    Eq: C = 1.5x + 5.
    C = Cost.
    Slope = 1.5.
    X = Distance traveled.
    Y-Intercept = 5.

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    posted by Henry

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