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Elisabeti bikes from home to the grocery store and back to pick up in- gredients. On the way to the store, she averages 15 mph. Encumbered by groceries, she averages 10 mph on the way back. What is her average speed for the whole hour?

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  1. Here average speed is 12.5 mph.

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  2. Her*

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  3. AxenMO, if you cannot explain how to do the problem, you have not helped this student. Just giving the answer is very unhelpful.

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  4. distance home to store = d
    total time = 1 hr

    d = 15 t
    d = 10(1-t)

    15 t = 10 -10 t
    25 t = 10
    t = 10/25

    d = 15* 10/25
    d = 6 miles each waay

    total distance = 12 miles
    total time = 1 hour
    so average speed = 12 miles per hour
    BY THE way AXENMO averaging the speeds them selves is NOT correct.

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