math 1

Example 3: The table below shows the amount a banquet hall charges to feed different sized groups of people

Number Of People | COST
10 $200
14 $252
21 $441
23 $471

Using a linear model, what is the approximate residual value of the cost to feed 21 people
Answer Choices:
A.$8 B.$12 C.$15 D.$21 E. $34 F. $47 G. $52 H. $43 I. $32 J. $25 K. $19 L. $5

~I got K. $19 I dont understand this problem please help me i did everything with a calculator

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  1. so, what were your calculations? If we are to analyze why your answer may be wrong, show us how you got it.

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  2. I did it on a calculator and followed my teacher steps dont know how to explain

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  3. rubbish. If you followed the steps, what were they?

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  4. On moodle its a video.

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