What is the correct way to write this sentence?
For the fourth-grade class hike, a lot if kids wore new hiking shoes, they were sturdy.
Answer choices
A For the fourth-grade class hike, there were a lot if kids they wore new hiking shoes that were sturdy.
B For the fourth-grade class hike. A lot if kids wore new hiking shoes, they were sturdy.
C For the fourth-grade class hike, a lot if kids wore new hiking shoes. That were sturdy.
D For the fourth-grade class hike, a lot if kids wore sturdy, new hiking shoes.

I narrow down to A and D but really confused between what is the righ answer and why. Please could someone help me to understand if why I have to choose one of these. Thank you!

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  1. Sorry there is "not lot if kids", there is lot of kids

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  2. A has many errors in it, the worst of which is the comma splice.

    Please correct some spelling in the sentence you decide is correct, and let us know which one it is.

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  3. Answer is D?

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  4. Yes, D.


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