Designing Specialty Areas

There are many different types of playgrounds. Which of the following statements comparing
playgrounds is true?
A. Children engage in a wider range of activities when playing in an adventure playground rather than a contemporary or
traditional playground.
B. Children are more active in contemporary playgrounds than in traditional playgrounds.
C. When using traditional playgrounds, children spend most of their time in creative activity.
D. Traditional playgrounds are the most effective of the playground types in developing motor fitness and balance.

my answer is a.

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  1. I have no idea what the differences are between traditional, contemporary, or adventure playgrounds. Surely your text is clear in describing these.

    The correct answer could be any of these, but I'd choose C, not having the descriptions in front of me. Children can be creative anywhere they're allowed to be.

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  2. in the book is referring that traditional playgrounds are more physical active

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  3. You'll have to go with what your text says. I believe (and I've seen!) children be creative wherever they are!

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