Language Arts

7. In which of these sentences is the meaning of the word unethical best expressed?
A: Sarah felt bad seeing the child cry, so she bought him a candy bar
B: Brady didn't have time to finish his paper, so he had a friend do it for him ***
C: Rachel wanted to visit a friend in France, so she saved money all year
D: Michael wasn't watching where he was going, so he knocked over a trash can

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  1. I agree, B.

  2. If it is the answers your looking for, here they are-
    1. Part A=D Part B=C
    These are the 100% reliable and right, and you may feel relieved.
    I try my best to help you students.

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    posted by Helpman
  3. Thank you!!!

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  4. thanks

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    posted by $AYE
  5. Thanks!!

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    posted by pirate
  6. yes I think those are correct 6. A 7.B 8.D

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  7. thank you so much :)

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