If the original bill is 22.50 what will be the final bill after a 15% tip is paid Round to the nearest cent


I already figured out the answer but how would i explain it?

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  1. well, how did you figure it out?

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  2. the teacher gave us the answer but we have to figure out how we got it

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  3. she got it** i ment

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  4. 22.50 * 1.15 = 25.875

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  5. oh thanks steve thats on way is this a other way correct?

    15% of 22.50 = (.15) (22.50) = 3.375 rounded to 3.38 22.50 + 3.38 = 25.88

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  7. dont think of it as cheating,think of it as using resources wisely

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  8. kitty announcing it isn't really doing much tell me what do you think you're getting out of screaming cheating it doesn't help nor stop the situation. It's actually quite annoying.

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  9. $22.50 of 15% = $25.88

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  10. are on a test

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