In one day, Factory A produces 1650 video games, while Factory b produces 123 Fewer video games than Factory a

a) How amny video games does Factory B produce in one day?

b) How many more video games are produced by Factory A than by Factory B in Five days?

c) Factory A wants to increase its production by 10% a day. how many video games should be produced to meet this target?

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  1. Have you figured out the answer for a?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. yes 1527

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  3. Yes, good!

    How about b and c?

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    Ms. Sue
  4. b = 8250

    c = 1815

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  5. ms. sue can you tell me if these answers are correct

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  6. (A)one day Fa=1650 v/g
    Fb=123 v/g
    (B)if in 1day Fa=1650
    within 5days Fa will produce 5*1650
    in 5days Fa=8250
    (c) 10/100 * 1527
    =152.7 or1.152.7 or 1527

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  7. for more info about be follow me on instagram @praizefavor

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