Physical Health Education

Facts and fallacies about female participation in sports

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    Here are several articles. You should find what you need from them.

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  2. write some facts and fallacies about female participation in sport

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  3. four fallacies and facts on female participation in sports

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  4. Facts and fallacies about female participation in sports

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  5. They also believed that women when enagage in sports will be barren .
    They believed that strenuous parcipation will lead to the problem of child bearing .
    They assume that intensive involvement in sport cause meanstrual problem
    They believe that woman have more fragite bones then men, thereby making injury more likey

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  6. What are the fact and fallacies about female participation in sport

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  8. 3 fallacies about female participation in sports.

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  9. 2 benefits in women sport.

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  10. Ok, it is good

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