Chemistry Titration-emergency :(

Avg Amount HCl added: 14.15mL
Volume of Saturated Solution of Ca(OH)2 in NaOH used: 25 mL and its concentration was 0.05349 M.

1.)Calculate the total [OH ] in the saturated solution of Ca(OH)2 in sodium hydroxide

-> for this do I only find the mols of HCl? and thats it?? since ratio would be 1:1

2.)Calculate the [OH ] that comes from the dissolution of Ca(OH)2. The total [OH ] (calculated - -
above) is the sum of the [OH ] from the NaOH and the [OH ] from Ca(OH)2.

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  1. I dont get it. It appears that something is missing here. I don't know the solubility of Ca(OH)2 in NaOH. Without that I don't see how the amount of HCl can be apportioned between NaOH and Ca(OH)2 (or perhaps more information about the HCl titration).

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  2. I know how to work the problem but I'm confused by the data. What volume of saturated Ca(OH)2 solution did you use? Was that 25.00 mL? What was "it". The 0.05349 M was the concentration of what? Was that the NaOH concn or the Ca(OH)2. It might help if you restated the problem so that the sentences were complete. Also, I suggest you post as a new question at the top of the page.

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  3. Also, I suggest you post the Ksp you are using for Ca(OH)2.

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