World History

Which of the following would make the best caption for this image supporting the relationship between Africans and Europeans during the Age of Imperialism?

A. Africans accepted and respected the ideas of the Europeans.

B. Africans believed they should rule themselves.

C. Africans embraced changes to their cultural norms.

D. Africans welcomed Europeans into the inner circle of their tribes.

My Answer: B

Is that correct?

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  1. I think that B is the best answer, but make sure it agrees with your text.

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  2. Thank you. I will double check. :)

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  3. We can't see the image, though, so I have no idea what it shows. I'm only reacting to a general impression that most local people were not happy with European domination. Local people may have tried to adapt to European customs if they wanted to ingratiate themselves with the colonials, but most were exploited as much as the natural resources the colonial conquerors wanted.

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  4. Yes, I've just realized that and noticed that I accidentally sent in the wrong question. I'm very sorry.

    Here is the correct one.

    Which of the following statements is a valid generalization of the impact of imperial rule on both Africa and India?

    A. Missionaries imposed their religious beliefs upon the native people.

    B. Sepoys were employed in the British army and later rebelled.

    C. European educators worked to preserve native languages.

    D. Belgian rulers instituted harsh economic restrictions that included slavery.

    My Answer: A

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  5. I agree with A. Missionaries certainly tried to impose Christianity everywhere they went. They weren't always successful, but they sure tried, and were often successful in Africa - less so in India.

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  6. Great! I was hoping you'd say A. I've already checked my book to double check and I'm feeling confident! Thank you

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