I'm trying this again, I'd like the quadratic form, so i can then work the intercepts myself. SO:

what's the quadratic form of

I need it to find the intercepts of the parabola it describes.

Check: I think the parabola is 1/4 scaled, moved 3 to the left and down 4 compared to a y=x^2 parabola. Is this ok?

Thanks for helping before.

If the 4(x+3)^2 is in the denominator, it isn't a parabola. I presume you mean
(1/4)(x+3)^2 -4

In that case, your answer is correct. The parabola is vertically "squashed" by a factor of 1/4, and has its vertex at x=-3 and y = -4


Thank you very much- you're right, it was a typo!
Can you sterr me to making a quadratic expression from it, so's I can get the intercepts?


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