the ratio of dogs to cats in the neighborhood was 3 to 7. If a total of 210 dogs and cats were in the neighborhood, how many cats were there?

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  1. The above answer is clearly wrong, since the total animals is only 210, not just the dogs.

    d/c = 3/7
    7d = 3c

    d+c = 210
    3d+3c = 630
    3d+7d = 630
    10d = 630
    d = 63
    so, c=147

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  2. or,

    3x+7x = 210
    10x = 210
    x = 21
    dogs = 3x = 63
    cats = 7x = 147

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  3. I got 490 doing cross multiply seven Times 210 divided by 3

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  4. 147 cats

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