The grocery store parking lot is shaped like a parallelogram. Mr.Campbell is paving the parking lot.The area of the parking lot is 6x^2-3x-3m^2. what are the measures of the height and base of the parking lot.

i did 3(2x^2-x-m^2) as my first step but now i am confused.

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  1. That would be an answer, since all we need is two numbers or expressions which when multiplied give us 6x^2-3x-3m^2.

    I have a suspicion that the middle term should be -3xm, then we could go further:
    = 3(2x + m)(x - m)

    but since we want only two factors, namely the base and height, the other options would be

    (6x + 3m)(x - m) or (3x - 3m)(2x + m)

    only true if you had the suspected misprint

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