I need help on these two.

Consider tirangles ABC and DEF. Side A is congruent to side F. Angle A is congruent to angle F. Angle B is congruent to angle E. What postulate or theorem can be used to prove that the two triangles are congruent?

If angle1 and angle2 are complementary angles, and mangle1 = 5x-9 and mangle2=4x, find the measure of the two angles.

Step by step would be great guys. I need it

Cant you use the ASA theorem? Two triangles are congruent if a pair of corresponding angles and the included side are equal.

if 5x-9 + 4x=90 solve for x.

I completely forgot about the ASA theorem. I don't know why it didn't cross my mind when I read the problem! Thank you. =)

If the m<1=39 degrees and <2 is congruent to <1 does that equal 39 degrees.

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